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Sunny Jelly is a fictitious soft drinks company that I created to explore how I would design a soft drinks brand targeted at millennials. I created this project after buying a drink purely because the packaging matches my fashion aesthetic. Based on current trends that attract millennial audiences by creating branding that is shareable on social media, bright in colour and nostalgic, I decided to include these elements within my own design whilst being mindful to add a unique twist.

Sunny Jelly

Task: Brand Identity

My first step in my planning was to research visual trends that attracted millennials in industries such as fashion, food, drink and cosmetics. Next, I noted all of the similarities shared by drink and food items that my friends and I owned.

Next, I designed a cartoon-styled logo and packaging to embrace Sunny Jelly's values of fun, joy and nostalgia

Untitled-2 (2)2.png

Bright colours, rounded edges and a heavy stroke are used to create a cartoonish font that communicates playfulness, nostalgia and mimics the shape of water droplets to symbolise hydration. The modern appearance of the secondary typeface contrasts with the logo's reflective look of nostalgia, adding a sense of timelessness as Sunny Jelly aspires to be as comforting as the past, as trendy as the present and continuously successful with an optimistic future. 

Enhances appetite, hints at sweet flavours


Associated with summer, sunshine, nature, happiness


Associated with relaxation, hydration, freshness, health


Warmth, friendliness, affordability


Alternative appearance



Drink packaging

Created using bright and bold colours, Sunny Jelly's packaging evokes joy by reminding viewers of summer and simplicity. 

The identical poses of each mascot add  uniformity to the brand, although their varying appearances are different enough to give each character personality and make them highly recognisable when reprinted on other items.


can-mockup-against-a-flat-background-26118 (2).png
can-mockup-against-a-flat-background-26118 (3).png
can-mockup-against-a-flat-background-26118 (1).png

The appearance of Sunny Jelly's logo was also explored for items such as delivery vans, billboards and business cards

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