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My name is Rachel Harvey and I am a queer, Black, self-taught digital illustrator and designer.


I have adopted the moniker ‘Artist Named Nobody’ to symbolise my commitment to always prioritizing the needs of my clients and to reflect the honesty and relatability of Odysseus - an ancient Greek hero from an epic poem entitled ‘The Odyssey’.

My illustrations aim to celebrate the diversity of the Black community, especially those who identify as queer. 

I began my path to illustration and design after the murder of George Flloyd, inspired by the belief that Black people deserve representation that doesn't solely revolve around experiencing racism, slavery, or oppression. Instead, I create a range of Black characters to show the beauty of diversity, including individuals who do not conform to conventional beauty standards, such as those who are plus-size or have disabilities.


As a queer Black person, my art style is borne out of a frustration from seeing people who look like me be either excluded from mainstream media or represented in such a way that our humanity is overshadowed by negative and outdated stereotypes.


Additionally, I also  use bold pastel colors to bring joy and playfulness to my work, as I believe that art should not always be serious, even when tackling topics as critical as representation and discrimination. Art of all topics can be fun and the use of bright colours serves to bring joy to anyone who sees it. 

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Selected features


Market stall trading

London LGBT+ Community Centre Queer Off Market (Fox & Firkin, Lewisham)

Black Pride UK 

Women Will Create IRL Market (Abney Public Hall)

Curly Treats Festival (Novotel, West London)



East End Prints (wholesale agreement and interview article)

Hobbycraft: Pride month interview



Heavenly Sins Art Exhibition (online, hosted by The Black Fund)

Summer art show (Brewdog, Dalston)

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