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Task: Billboard illustration and content creation

Wingstop approached me to commission an LGBT+ Pride themed digital illustration and video content exploring the question 'What does flavour mean to you?'. The illustration and video were displayed on in-store menus and exterior billboards for all

Wingstop locations in the UK for Pride


I illustrated a woman eating chicken to align the illustration's purpose of discussing the importance of flavour in Wingstop's food. Using the logo's recognisable shade of green, I also created a colour palette for this piece using complimentary colours so that the illustration could fit in naturally with its surroundings. Details such as a hearing aid, glasses and an earring coloured with the non-binary flag serve to provide representation for minority groups and emphasise the diversity that exists within the LGBT+ community, although their subtlety is an intentional reminder that such differences do not define us entirely.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 144650.png

Video content creation. Shot and edited by me

Wingstop billboard, outside their location near Leicester Square, WC2H 8HB 

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