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Dewy is a brand of fictitious skincare products designed specifically for the Gen Z market. This project was born from a fascination with how Gen Z express their visual identity through the use of bright, saturated colors on packaging. For instance, StarFace patches are packaged in vibrant colors, doubling up as captivating room décor. To make Dewy stand out on a crowded shelf, I created an aesthetically playful, youthful, and bright logo and brand packaging. As a departure from my usual work on corporate illustrations, I challenged myself to experiment with typography, excluding any illustrations.


Task: Brand Identity, packaging design, logo


Dewy was chosen as the name for this brand to communicate hydration and softness - the two best feelings that one can feel from a skincare routine. I chose to use a typeface that was shaped in such a way that each letter appears to have a droplet formed within it. As the droplet shapes are formed in the negative space within the letters, I chose to bring focus to these shapes by making the logo white and including colour in the background instead of within the text itself. 

Light pastel tones create an overall look of softness, gentleness and align with visual trends that target gen z and millennial audiences






cb-instagram-post (3).png

The secondary logo simply abbreviates the brand name to the letter 'D', wherein a droplet shape is visible. Such shapes were included to evoke ideas of hydration and relate to the name 'Dewy'.  On packaging, soft pastel tones blend into one another to create a feeling of gentleness and relaxation to remind consumers that Dewy products are kind to their skin. Blues and purples dominate the colour scheme to communicate relaxation and luxury. Skin care is an act of self care and Dewy exists to give consumers the feeling of a comforting spa treatment from the comfort of their own home


The appearance of the logo and was brand theme was also explored on other items such as business cards, tote bags and gift packaging. The tagline 'Skin care is self care' was also adopted to summarise Dewy's purpose - to give people something that not only makes them look good, but feel good too

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