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I’m Artist Named Nobody and I’m a 21-year-old self taught digital artist based in London.

At the center of all my artwork are black faces to highlight the beauty of black people. My belief is that instead of categorising ‘black art’ as a niche genre which excludes black people as abnormal in the art world, we should just have mainstream art that commonly features black people. After all, we don’t have ‘white art’ as a category!

I use my work not only to represent black people, but do so positively. Too often, black people in art are used as props to tell educate about issues like slavery, racism and oppression. Whilst it is important for these issues to be discussed through the media of art, the exclusive inclusion of black people in art ONLY to talk about being a victim of oppression is dehumanising, almost suggesting that our sole purpose in the media spotlight is to educate or provide a service to others. I draw facial portraits of black figures with plain backgrounds to change this image of our community. When you look at my drawings, I don’t want you to see symbolism of oppression. I want you to see black people as people. That is all we are - not tools or storytellers, just people. And as people, we are beautiful. 


I knew I wanted to make black people the focus of my art pieces when I had my first gallery exhibition in Walthamstow and a little black girl was staring at my painting. This particular painting featured a little girl with natural hair protesting against the negative black stereotypes written behind her. Her father came over and explained that her melanin made her beautiful, and she looked so happy to see herself. It made me think about how rare it is for black people to see ourselves in media, especially art. Since then, I recognised the important value of black representation in all forms of media and want to continue to highlight the beauty that is blackness in my work.


As well as showcasing the beauty of blackness, I love to use bright and vibrant colours within my work to bring a joyful and playful element of life to the surroundings in which my art resides. My bedroom walls are full of light and colour and I firmly believe that colourful art can turn any room into a safe and cozy space that reflects your personality. My art has transformed my bedroom from four blank walls into my favourite and most comfortable space - I hope my work can do the same for you.