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Inspired by my perpetual love for noodles, I designed a logo, food menu and takeaway packaging for a fictional ramen bar called 'Nurami'. When creating a logo for the ramen bar 'Nurami', I wanted to deviate from the typical black and red colors and sharp fonts commonly associated with East Asian cuisine. Instead, I opted for a lighter color palette and a cute illustration style. 

Task: Logo and packaging

The logo features a woman enjoying ramen, serving as a visual representation of the restaurant's lively and unique atmosphere, as well as the type of cuisine served at Nurami. Additionally, the repetitive circular pattern on the takeaway packaging was inspired by the English translation of the word 'Nurami', meaning 'roaring of the sea'. Thus, I designed a logo and packaging for the takeaway containers.

Pictured below: takeaway packaging for noodles and sauces

In addition to the logo and takeaway containers, I also created various other items such as work uniforms, a takeaway bag, a storefront sign, business cards, and restaurant menus.

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