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Every business has a responsibility to care for the planet and Artist Named Nobody is no exception.

I realise that clothing and paper industries as a whole have a hugely negative effect on the environment and majorly contribute to serious issues such as deforestation. Because of this, I am donating the equivalent of $1 to for every item that you purchase within your order. Donations made will go towards the planting of multi-purpose tree species in areas of Ethiopia such as the Loka Bedelcha Kebele (in Southern Ethiopia), and the Amhara region (in the North). 

This particular planting project is organised by One Tree Planted in collaboration with SOS Sahel Ethiopia. You can find out more about the project here.

Image by daniel kawed

How will donations be made?

After you make your purchase, I donate the equivalent of $1 for every item in your order to to plant trees.

This means that if you purchase one item in your order, such as a poster, I will contribute $1 towards planting trees. If you purchase two items within your order, such as a poster and a t-shirt, I will donate $2 because you purchased two items.

Once your donation has been made, you will receive a personalised tree certificate to say thank you for your donation as well as regular updates about the progress of the tree planting project in Ethiopia.

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